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PIUR Keratin + Hair Botox + Mask - Hair Recovery

PIUR Keratin + Hair Botox + Mask - Hair Recovery

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  • Vegan Certified
  • Anti-Frizz
  • Reduce volume up to 60% naturally
  • Collagen & proteins 
  • Made in Brazil

PIUR Professional is a Brazilian brand born to offer hair with purity. No harsh chemicals, no silicones, supported by strong research and technology.

KERAPLEX is a keratin treatment fused with plex technology Rebonds hair fibres simultaneously with the keratin application process. Reduces volume and achieves the best straightening finish for your client.

Active Ingredients: Pro Liss 100 - Ormagel - Basilico - Lipex Shea Q50 - SoftCAT SX 1300X

This unique and fast-acting treatment provides a perfect balance of strength and flexibility to the hair which is essential for its vitality. Clients are left with minimal maintenance for their daily hair routine.

Reactive Pro Hair Botox

This smoothing treatment will strengthen and repair damaged bonds making each hair fiber stronger and smoother. It is perfect for reducing split ends and frizz. Can last up to 10 weeks,

PIUR Hair Mask

Nurture and add extra shine to your hair locks with a PIUR mask therapy made of only BIO ingredients. No animal testing, vegan certified. The mask can provide maximum recovery when combined with your Keratin treatment because it will add strength, softening and intense moisture to hair that has been gone under protein/keratin service.

This mask can be used as step 3 following your keratin treatment. Alternatively, used to nurture your hair after shampooing with a PH-balanced shampoo such as the PIUR range or the LUXLISS range.

1x Deep cleansing shampoo 100ml

1x Keraplex 100ml

1x Hair Botox 100ml

1x Hair Mask 110gr

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