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Keratin System traditional formula 1 litre

Keratin System traditional formula 1 litre

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YES, the Luxliss traditional formula is back, chemically infused, which will give you the perfect Keratin blow-out finish.  Suitable for all hair types.

This formula infuses coarse, frizzy, curly hair with keratin protein to loosen, smooth and detangle curls, whilst eliminating frizz with just one application. This treatment has been chemically infused for a long-lasting result and will keep your hair looking straight for at least 3 months. Our specially formulated treatment also includes protein and Argan (Moroccan) oil that can repair, restore, and moisten the hair follicles.

Why Luxliss? It will give you results. Well knowing brand within Asia, America, and Europe.  


1.- Application
2.- Blow Dry
3.- Flat Hot Irons
4.- Leave in for 3 days
5.- Use your Keratin Daily Shampoo

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