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Keraplex Protein Keratin single kit 100ml

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Vegan Certified


Reduce volume up to 60% naturally

Collagen & proteins 

Made in Brazil

PIUR Professional is a Brazilian brand born to offer hair with purity. No chemicals, no silicones, supported by strong research and technology.

KERAPLEX is a keratin treatment fused with plex technology Rebonds hair fibres simultaneously with the keratin application process. Reduces volume and achieves the best straightening finish for your client.

It is formulated with PROLISS 100, a patented relaxer to straighten the hair naturally.  Blended with amino acids. Seaweed Marine Algae extract and Biocilicio to fortify and protect the hair fibre during the application process.

Lipex Shea Q50 and Softcat SX-1300X contribute to the process of realigning the hair fibre infiltrating the cuticles, hydrating, and moisturizing.  Smoothness, and sleekness with an outstanding high-shine finish.

The KERAPLEX gives your client superb manageability and a much faster drying process and styling time

Active Ingredients: Pro Liss 100 - Ormagel - Basilico - Lipex Shea Q50 - SoftCAT SX 1300X

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