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Smooth Hair-Botox Therapy

Smooth Hair-Botox Therapy

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VEGAN Certified 
Eliminates frizz
Unique formula fuses with Bio Tanino, Collagen, keratin amino acids
Keratin and Botox therapy 

A conditioning treatment that is highly hydrating, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Straightens and eliminates frizz, smoothening out any stubborn or split ends.  

This unique and fast-acting treatment provides a perfect balance of strength and flexibility to the hair which is essential for its vitality. Clients are left requiring minimal maintenance for their daily routine, and their hair enhanced by a frizz-free finish.

Contains: Plantcol and Tamariliz extract.Bio Elixir and Polygreen Coconut Oil make the hair fibre smooth, realigned and protected. Lipex Shea Q50 and Softcat SX-1300X vitamins and minerals contribute to the process to bring hydration and moisture, while the combination of oils gives the hair ultimate smoothness and sleekness with an outstanding high-shine finish.

Wholesale prices available to the hairdressing industry

This line is composed of 

1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1000ml | 1 Reactive Pro Hair Protein 1000ml

GST inclusive.

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