The Keratin Hair Bar

Elevating Beauty and Wellbeing Through Transformational Haircare

We love keratin, protein-rich formulas and silky hair...

Smoothing services are no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’. With new product innovation, a demand for more sustainable and chemical-free products is rising. Where consumers can have control of their hair and retain its personality, without changing its texture completely. 

At KHB, our mission is to promote healthy hair through high-quality products, consumer education & salon partnerships. We believe there is a better, more natural way for men and women to care for their hair and it all starts with the right products.

Smooth & Radiant Shine
Salon Quality Formulas
Vegan Certified

Hair Transformation

We all want smooth, healthy hair that is easier to manage. With KHB's product range you can see the results instantly, as our formulas work deep within the hair shaft to moisturise, repair and rebuild your clients' hair.

Why Luxliss?

100% gentle formula

Colour-safe system

Vegan ingredients

Highest quality ingredients

Long-lasting moisture

Intensive hair repair

Elevated beauty

Luxliss' mantra is all about creating beautiful, strong and healthy hair, using the highest quality oils from around the world. Our products are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), animal derivatives, harsh detergents, phosphates, Triethanolamine, mineral oils, Triclosan Parabens, Cocamide DEA, MIT.

Gentle on our planet

From the selection of raw materials, the pursuit of sustainable technology, through to the design of their bottles and production process, Luxliss aims to make its products as gentle on the planet as possible. Their haircare contains pH 5.5 formulas, gently moisturing and balancing the hair and scalp. Natural, organic ingredients such as Daymoistclr™, continues to hydrate and nourish.

Why PIUR Professional?

Adds strength and flexibility

Antioxidant rich

Rich in amino acids

Vegan Certified

Free of palm oil,
silicones &

Controls frizz

For all hair types

Piur utilises the latest technology in hair care to create dynamic solutions for all hair types, delivering outstanding results every time. Their products are created with worldwide consumers in mind, providing solutions for those with afros, those who experience frizzy or dry hair, or have coloured and damaged hair types. Above all, Piur wants to bring confidence and beauty with purity to its customer base.

Enhanced performance

Piur's range of products and treatments rebuilds each hair fiber, making it stronger, smoother, and sleeker than ever before. Hair will have a super shine finish and a perfect balance of protein and moisture, which is essential for the vitality of hair. When combined with other Piur products, they maximise hair recovery by strengthening, softening and intense moisturising. Plus, with their gentle plant-based formulas, they do not change the structure of the hair.

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